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Who we are?

GT Services, a technology consulting company, was founded in 2002 to provide responsive, insightful, and actionable strategy consulting services to technology firms operating in complex and challenging global markets. GT Services leverages an intimate knowledge of developing markets throughout South America, Africa, and Asia to create useful and practical advice to SME with diverse market interests.

GT Services assists its clients with global strategy planning and market development initiatives. Our primary market segments are the nascent Internet of Things coupled with machine to machine (M2M) communications, cloud computing and analytics, unified communications, information security, wireless communications, multi-platform customer fulfillment, and infrastructure. We work with global clients seeking to maximize global opportunities from offices in Miami and the Philippines.


Area Studies Market
Homologation – Regulatory conformance
Preliminary market studies/assessments
Technology compatibility studies
Political/Economic Risk Assessment

Industry sectors

GT Services, through its partnerships, has expertise across a wide swathe of industries and applications. GT Services works on issues as diverse as Mobile collaboration, LTE, asset tracking, remote tank monitoring and management, wireless home security, and telematics, all supported by cloud computing and data analytics. GT Services, through its client partnerships, has extensive industry experience in the finance, petroleum, telecommunications, and government services sectors. GT Services also brings significant experience to bear on the Telecommunications infrastructure market.

Private sector affiliation

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GT Services (Florida)

1221 Brickell Center Dr. Suite 900
Miami, FL 33131
T: 305-995-8215
F: 305-374-6146
P: +63 2 755 8411

GT Services (Manila)

L17, 6750 Bldg. Ayala Ave. Office Tower
Makati City, 1226 Philippines
T: +63 2 755 8411
M: +63 917 517 2530
F: +63 2 755 8411


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